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1. What type of analysis is Stop Buying The Bull based on?

The two most common ways to evaluate a stock are called fundamental and technical analysis.

- Fundamental analysis tries to infer future performance based on tangible assessments such as company earnings, growth potential, economic conditions and geopolitical influences.

- Technical analysis try to infer future performance by looking back at historical trading data such as ranges, support levels, and volume.

Neither fundamental nor technical analysis proved to be successful in the adverse markets seen in 2001 and 2008. Stock prices of many fundamentally good companies declined dramatically. Technical analysis also failed as support levels continuously broke in one of the worst financial meltdowns many investors had seen in their lifetime.

Not so for Stop Buying The Bull. Our investors succeeded, because we select stocks based upon the ratio of buyers and sellers in the current mode and use historic data to create thresholds that establish when to buy, hold, or sell positions.

We deliver these signals to you every day so you always know where your money should be.

  1. What type of analysis is Stop Buying The Bull based on?
  2. What is the investment objective for the Stop Buying The Bull model?
  3. Would Stop Buying The Bull have saved me from the adverse markets seen in 2001 or 2008?
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