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18. Can Stop Buying The Bull replace my need for a broker?

That depends on your confidence. If you who bought into the "buy and hold" strategy and lost 45% - 50% by early 2009, why would you want to keep paying for that kind of investment advice? Stock brokers are not held responsible for performance, they are held responsible for making suitable recommendations. Too often this equates to merely spreading assets across a wide range of investments and crossing one's fingers. Stop Buying The Bull can help you identify when to buy, hold or sell your shares by evaluating the factors that move stock prices, thus avoiding subjective evaluations, emotions and possible conflicts of interest one might encounter with a stock broker.

  1. What type of analysis is Stop Buying The Bull based on?
  2. What is the investment objective for the Stop Buying The Bull model?
  3. Would Stop Buying The Bull have saved me from the adverse markets seen in 2001 or 2008?
  4. Can I make large profits using Stop Buying The Bull?
  5. Can I lose money using Stop Buying The Bull?
  6. Is Stop Buying The Bull day trading?
  7. Why don't brokerage firms offer something like Stop Buying The Bull?
  8. How accurate is Stop Buying The Bull?
  9. Does Stop Buying The Bull work for mutual funds?
  10. Are there commissions generated by any product listed on Stop Buying The Bull?
  11. Is Stop Buying The Bull difficult to use?
  12. Did Stop Buying The Bull identify any stocks going up in 2008?
  13. Is there anything Stop Buying The Bull can't protect me from?
  14. Why should I use Stop Buying The Bull before I place an order?
  15. How does Stop Buying The Bull give me an advantage over big money managers?
  16. What investments are evaluated by Stop Buying The Bull?
  17. Can Stop Buying The Bull help me with my asset allocations within my 401k or variable annuity?
  18. Can Stop Buying The Bull replace my need for a broker?
  19. Should I use anything else to make decision besides Stop Buying The Bull?
  20. How many portfolios can Stop Buying The Bull track?
  21. Can Stop Buying The Bull help identify money flowing from one sector to another?
  22. How often do I need to check Stop Buying The Bull?
  23. What should I expect realistically from using Stop Buying The Bull?