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Stop Buying The Bull is a very descriptive, tell all name for our company. We were disgusted by watching the investment brokerage firms destroy the individual investor under the guise of "doing what's best for the client".
Stop Buying The Bull was determined to bring a tool to the individual investor that would equalize the playing field.
We are determined to revolutionize how investment advice and information should be compensated.

Very Simple,

  1. We believe you should only pay for advice or information if it has value.
  2. Advice and information can only be considered worthy of evaluation if the one giving it, has absolutely nothing to gain as a result.


Stop Buying The Bull allows you to rid yourself of the conflicts of interest and commission generating advice that has destroyed so many.

Remember, Stop Buying The Bull is a tool that should be used in conjunction with your own research and evaluation of an investment. There is no other tool we have ever used that is as valuable as Stop Buying The Bull. We are very proud of the tool we have delivered to help the individual investor and believe you will see the extreme value of your monthly subscription when you calculate how much you made or saved as a result of its use.

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