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  • The Most Powerful Investment Software Ever Made!

    Always know when to buy and sell the stocks in your portfolio without needing to be a 20 year market veteran. Most investors make stock picks by consulting investment journals, dubious market research, a 'gut feeling' or questionable advice from a friend.

    Superior Stock Picks

    StopBuyingTheBull's stock picks ignore such 'research' and monitors market trends in buying and selling. Stock prices are based on the supply and demand of stocks - when mass market movement increases in a specific stock, the price goes up - it really is that simple. Stocks can't run to the upside without buyers exceeding sellers nor can stocks go down without sellers exceeding buyers. Our proprietary stock picking calculations engine monitors that ratio to provide you with the most important investment advice you need, an indicator to "buy", "hold" or "sell" based on monitoring more than 80,000 stock every day.

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